What will happen when school teacher Alex brings home Lebanese Muslim lawyer Eve – the love of his life – to meet his Greek Orthodox parents?

Alex and Eve the Movie is a film adaptation of the hit stage play Alex & Eve, Alex & Eve: the wedding and Alex & Eve: the baby by Alex Lykos. The trilogy of plays has been seen by more than 35,000 people in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. The story follows a Greek Orthodox school teacher, Alex (Richard Brancatisano) who falls for Lebanese Muslim lawyer, Eve (Andrea Demetriades). The relationship is forbidden by both families creating the emotional and comical dilemma of ‘Alex and Eve’. The film is testament to Australia’s multicultural community. Like the play, it resonates strongly with the Australian-Lebanese and Australian-Greek communities as well as appealing to the wider community.

Set in the Inner West of Sydney, the story is based on the screenwriter’s real life experiences.

Alex & Eve is the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, with a happy ending! Alex is a handsome timid schoolteacher in his mid-thirties. His traditional and domineering parents want him to marry a good Greek girl. But Alex falls hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Eve, a lawyer, whose parents are Lebanese Muslim. The love-struck couple must confront then hide their affections for each other from the world knowing that their parents will never allow them to be together. There are obstacles on the way, like Eve’s mother’s plan for an arranged marriage to Mohomad, Alex’s father’s threat to disinherit him if he continues to see Eve and Alex’s mother’s heart attack when she discovers that he has fallen in love with a Muslim woman.

Alex and Eve is the timeless tale of the “star crossed lovers”, an ancient love story set in the modern world of Sydney’s western suburbs, with a happy ending!